"Keep your Heart with all diligence, for out of it Springs the Issues of Life." ~Proverbs 4:23


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Praise and Adoration to our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ!! He's so Worthy to be Praised😊 He's Faithful, Just,& True! Give God the Glory everyday of your Life, when it's good and or Bad, give Him the Glory! Your probably wondering how can I give God Glory when it's bad, and I'm going through? Let me explain, your Praise, Worship & Adoration should be on a daily basis, because of who God is, not on what your going through, when u think about who God Is, u will be free to worship Him through anything, because He's Love, He's Mercy, He's Grace, He's Awesome, He's Comfort, He's Everything you need Him to be!!👏👏👏👋 even while reading this message you can begin to thank Him, & Praise Him, absoulety Adore our God for He Is mighty and Strong, there is no One like Him, and for that we Give Him Glory!! My Sister My Brother be encouraged, stay encouraged only in the Lord Jesus Christ!!!

I'm Redeemed

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