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Transform East Alliance

Transform East Alliance - Training Plan

Transformational Leader Development to Sustain Healthy Disciple Making Training.
Training Proposal 2018
Transform East Alliance
Paresh Chandra Halder
West Bengal
Email -
WhatsApp +91 8100893670
Vision Statement - Every Bengali community worshiping, living in harmony, and financially thriving.
TEA Purpose/Mission - TEA networks ministries to train and resource for Disciple-making and sustainable community development among Bengali speaking unreached people groups of East India.
Area of Operation and Partnership '' Transform East Alliance ''
Current Status
1. TEA has grown to partner with 25 ministry organizations. ( If you want? then I can send you list of 25 partners / organizations)
2. These organizations are working among 85 unreached Hindu and Muslim and Tribe People Groups in 15 districts.
3. As we Trained hundreds of Disciples, Master Trainers with Indigenous Leaders across in state of West Bengal East India in the past few years. we are actively involved in '' Disciple making and Church Planting among the Bengali Community also developing Emerging Indigenous local Leadership in state of West Bengal with our network '' TEA " in 15 District of WB.
Project Definition
The Context
West Bengal India is considered to be the most backward, illiterate and poor state of India. Out of 95 million people, 48% people live below poverty line. The per capita income is just $250. Ten percent of the people have migrated to others states of India in search of jobs, as there is lack of job opportunity in West Bengal. The government claims that the literacy rate is 63%, but over 60% of the people are functionally non-literate. The government has done very little to develop the condition of the people. Politicians are driven by selfish motives and the caste system is very prevalent in every sphere of society. Health services provided by the government are very poor and expensive private hospitals are not affordable to common people. It is said that WB is a rich state with poor people. It is true that WB has all the natural resources like fertile land, and hardworking people, but still people are poor. While over 70% of the people live on agriculture, the technology they use is ancient. The core of the problem is the Hindu religious worldview which is characterized by fatalism, caste system, lack of biblical work ethics and lack of creativity/initiative in creating jobs for people. People expect politicians to change and politicians want people to remain poor and illiterate so that they can continue caste politics and rule. This is in contrast to the Biblical worldview which brings hope, restores dignity of people, encourages equality, and encourages people to take initiative for themselves and for their communities. The number of churches and disciples is significantly growing, which is encouraging. But most disciples are focused on personal blessings and spiritual change. Most mission organizations focus on baptism and church planting and not on change of worldview and community transformation. New churches lack deeper knowledge and understanding of the Bible and vision and skills for transforming their own community with local resources. Ministries and churches are dependent upon outside resources.
The Description
• This project will accelerate the multiplication of skilled Disciple Master trainers and Catalyst. • Master Trainers and disciple makers will gain deeper understanding of the Biblical worldview, to interpret the biblical texts into the local context, and guard the newly planted house churches from false teaching and syncretism. • They will be able to analyze the actions and behaviors of believers and clearly understand whether they are driven by biblical worldview or traditional religious worldview. • They will be able to modify and develop disciple making and leader development training curriculum based on the Bible and relevant to local context. • Churches will become transformational and will bring social, economic and political transformation in their communities. • Several transformational, integrated models will emerge which will be visible to both churches and communities. By seeing these models, other ministries and churches will adopt these models, replicate them, and begin a transformation movement in West Bengal and other states of India.
Coaching and Mentoring
An Accelerate mentor is a trusted counselor, coach and guide, someone who maintains a close relationship with the team and team leader. The mentor invests his or her time and expertise to equip the team to achieve their goal.
The mentor is always an outsider to the team, but is in continuous and close contact with the team leader. It is not the role of the mentor to be the “answer man” for every problem, but to facilitate discovery of the answers. Every team is going to go through times when no one in the team has the answer or knows what to do next. A crisis may arise or help may be needed from an experienced and objective person. No team can successfully complete the mission to disciple a city without an outside mentor.
Mentors launch, equip and multiply new teams. The team mentor is responsible to guide the team through the learning process and help team leaders to identify where they are stuck. Mentoring is both formal and informal. It is also holistic and includes spiritual and emotional nurturing, skills training and character and leadership development. Team mentors also do not work alone, but work together to help one another. Different mentors have different strengths; some are good at strategy, while some are good at relationships or with administration. Mentors continually evaluate teams to make sure that everyone gets the support they need. Accelerate has developed a useful tool for mentors to use with teams and team leaders called PATH. P - Person, A - Awareness, T - Training, H – Highlights,
1. 10 Coordinators ( Trainers of Master Trainers ) will be trained with the following skills and expertise. They will be trained in 1 years, in 6 sessions of 2 days each.
Integrated Disciple Making Training curriculum / materials ( Disciple Making, Stories Telling, Women Empowerment & Income Generation )
Skills to facilitate strategic training program in their region.
Skills to train and coach multiple groups of Master Trainers
Skills and resources to strategize partnership, and ministries to see sustainable and transformation Disciple - Making and Coaching and Leadership Development.
2. 5 groups of 15 Master Trainers, total 75, will be train in two years, in 6 sessions of 2 days each, From each region, following numbers of Master Trainers will be train.
They will be train with the following skills and expertise.
Integrated Disciple Making Training curriculum / materials ( Disciple Making, Stories Telling, Women Empowerment & Income Generation )
Skills to facilitate training of Disciple Making Catalyst in their region.
Skills to train and coach multiple groups of Master Trainers
Skills and resources to strategize partnership, and ministries to see sustainable and transformation Disciple - Making and Leadership Development.
3. 30 groups of 15 Catalyst each, total 450, will be train in 6 sessions of 2 days each in 1 years. in each region / State, following numbers of Disciple Making Catalyst will be train.
They will be train with the following skills
Integrated Disciple Making Training curriculum / materials ( Disciple Making, Stories Telling, Women Empowerment & Income Generation )
Coaching skills to coach groups leaders and house church leaders.
4. More than 450 first generation house churches will be started by train catalyst. Two Catalysts together will start 2 house churches during their training period. Many more second, Third, and fourth generation churches will emerge during and after this training project.
Actions Plans
10 Coordinators ( Master Trainers ) will start in on January 2018, and will be held 6 times in a year.
10 Coordinators ( Master Trainers ) will identify 75 Disciple Master Trainers in their regions and start training them in the first / second quarter of 2018. Their training will be held every three months, 6 times in a year.
75 Disciple Master Trainers will identify 450 Catalysts and start training them from third quarter of 2018. This training will be held every two months.
Training coordinators will gather reports of their region and submit at quarterly basis.
These reports will be reviewed and feedback will be provided to them for improvements.
Evaluation meeting will be held with 10 Coordinators in on December 2018 and goals / plans will be reviewed and modified if needed
This training project will end in 4th quarter of 2018. An evaluation and celebration meeting will be held to celebrate the fruits and evaluate to learn how to move further in each region. ( If you want ? then I can send you budget of MTs 5 Training & Catalysts 30 Training ).
Transform East Alliance
Paresh Chandra Halder
West Bengal
Email -
WhatsApp +91 8100893670

New Life Ministry





Name of Organization:



Physical Address:


D-Block, Street no. 07, House no. 06 Youhanabad, Feroze pur Road. Lahore


Postal Address :

P.O. Box – 5240 Model Town – Lahore 54700



+92 - 0308-4088026, 03224703085


Web Address:





NLM is registered under SOCIETIES ACT XXI of 1860 Registration # RP/1878/L/S/04/55 GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN.





Rehabilitation, sustainable development of persons with disabilities, women awareness and their integral development




To provide awareness to the people regarding social and health spheres.


  1. To train persons with disabilities to sustainable development regarding respectable survival.


  1. To provide skills and training for the self-dependent.


  1. To provide formal and informal education.


  1. To provide proper shelter as an accommodation.


  1. Evoke the people to accept the disable persons as useful and complete creation of God.


  1. Create opportunities for disable persons and women for enhancing their skills for economic uplift.


  1. Accommodate the children with disabilities and character building for making them a useful citizen.
  2. Promote the concept of independent living for disabled persons.


  1. Providing social awareness to women and girls to raise voice for their rights.


  1. Making women and girls skilful in vocational training to earn a good income.


  1. Conducting seminars and workshops for women, making them realize their place in male dominating society.









  1. Awareness programs with community of the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities.


  1. Surgical, medical check-ups and operation of the disabled children.


  1. Education Development


  1. Computer Classes


  1. English Classes


  1. Social Awareness


  1. Health and Hygiene Classes


  1. Beautician Course


  1. Dress Making Course


  1. Cooking Class


  1. Adult Education






New Life Ministry (NLM) is determined to take care of children with physical disabilities. We are working for their betterment for the last 15 years. In these years we have had 120 children. New life ministry has a hostel facility which provides the persons with disabilities an opportunity to live together. Practically all of these children come from poor families who cannot afford to take care of these children with special needs. These children are very sensitive because of their disability when they come to NLM they find it easy to adjust because they come among the children who are suffering from the same problems.





New Life Ministry (NLM) is a non-governmental, nonprofit registered organization. NLM is Lahore based organization which is committed at rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) for ensuring their participation in social activities. In this regard, since its inception on 23rd March, 2003, NLM has launched different projects for the rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities in Lahore and its adjoining areas as well.


encouraged to go in the society as important members. This will also earn them respect in the society and family.


  1. A seminar was held at 15th Feb. 2016 St. John’s Parish Hall, Youhanna Abad. The seminar focused on “Women Rights and Political Issues in Pakistan. There


were 60 participants including women and girls. It was a great act of consideration for all present. They expressed their views on the topic and came to know the need for having a say about their rights in Pakistani society. Miss Fazilat Rahmat was the facilitator of this seminar.


  1. The international women’s day 8th March 2016 was celebrated with great zeal and zest in the Paul Community Hall at Kasur District where New Life Ministry


played a key role along with some other institutes. It was a joint effort with


St. John’s Parish, sisters’ congregations, schools and women’s committee of the local parish. The program was held in the local church. There were 570 participants in the program. It started with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist the Arch Bishop Sebastian presided over. After the mass there was the program for women wherein various item for presented to uplift the spirit of womanhood and honor the status of women in the society. Different poetic verses were read in memory of all those women who have played a


vital role for women’s rights in Pakistan.


Some entertaining skits were also performed to lighten the mood of the program. There were few games played to enhance the joy of being together. Sister Genevieve Ram Lal addressed the congregation and gave very precious insights on right of women and their role in the building up the family and society at large. Many women shared their thoughts and struggles in their daily lives. It was a great event where women from all walks of life came together to spend a day with each other where they learned from each other’s life experiences. They appreciated this effort and hoped that such gatherings be arranged more often where they can come to share their successes and failures.


Toward the end of the program Fr. Francis Gulzar the parish priest thanked all the institutes and participants. There were refreshments served at the end.


  1. We arranged a seminar on 6th June 2016 at Waris Shah Hall Sialkot titled: Education: A weapon to change the world. Mrs. Vitoria Patrick was the main


speaker. She explained the importance of education for young girls and women. This was a thought provoking insight for all present. There were about 50 participants. They expressed that they have benefited from her


thoughts and experiences.


There was a rally arranged on 11 September 2016 at for women regarding their rights in the society titled: “Promoting literacy for women in the modern age”. There were about 123 participants who gathered in New Life Ministry in the morning where they were given insights on the topic for the day. They were very open to share their problems with each other. This input session made it very clear to the audience that women have a very essential role to play in field of education they can play a key role in the development of the society if they would be given basic education. They must have confidence in themselves to come forward and stand for their rights. Many young girls shared their experiences how they are not treated equally at home. Their brothers go to school and they are kept at home with the thought that what will they do with education. The second part of the program was to go to the Lahore press club and demonstrate that women have to be given at least basic education. There should not be any discrimination between male and female. All the participants appreciated this initiative and they expressed that they have come to know their true capacity with regard to education. Henceforth they will stand for their rights. They were encouraged by one another by sharing their problems and got to know how to solve them.


  1. New Life Ministry arranged a rally entitled: “Women participation in raising the family standard” for women and girls. On 26 October 2016. It was organized at St. Anthony School Ground. There were approximately 137 participants from different areas such as Youhanna Abad, BastiSahdan Shah, Lahore Railway Station and GariShahu. They gathered there and were given input on the how women can play a vital role in raising their family standard. The whole rally proved to be very effective and brought to notice many facts and realities where women have done a lot for their families and shed light on many possibilities how women can set great examples of success for their families. It was a very beneficial rally for all present. The beneficiaries gave their views on how they have come to know many new possibilities to raise their family standard.


  1. The annual trip for students was arranged. On 29th November 2016. We went to Jallo Forest Park in Lahore; toward the evening we headed to Wahga a


Boarder between India and Pakistan to see the evening parade. It was a nice experience for all the students.


  1. A seminar was organized on 3 Feb. 2017 under the title “Social awareness and role of women in building the family & leadership qualities” at Renewal


Centre, Lahore. There were 70 participants which included both female and male members of different families. These families came from Youhanna Abad, Bishop John Joseph Village, DulluKhurd, DulluKalan, Asif Town, Khaliq Nagar, Hamza Town and Umar Town. It included both Muslim and Christian families. Mrs. Arfa Shoukat was the facilitator. The participants shared their views on this topic and expressed that they have come to know many new aspects of how women can play a progressive role in building the family.


  1. New Life Ministry (NLM) had organized for one day’s seminar on 10th March 2017 the theme of “The Status of Women in the Pakistan’s Law” at the


Renewal Center Lahore. The main speaker was Advocate Mr. SaeedYousaf. He is an advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and is expert in the women rights in the Law. More than 40 participants attended this seminar. The main objective of programme was to aware them about the Pakistan’s constitution about Women.




He said, In Pakistan, their situation has become worse.. More than 60 years after independence, 80 per cent of Pakistani women are still subjected to domestic violence. One in three has to endure villainy like rape, honor killing, immolation and acid attacks. Our country is ranked 82 out of 93 countries on the Gender Development Index and 152 out of 156 countries on the Gender Empowerment Measure. We are also among a handful of countries where there is a negative sex ratio of 100 women to 108 men. NLM Support the women and attempt to end violence against women. NLM organize different seminars regarding Pakistani law about women and in collaboration with of other organization those are working for women.


  1. NLM organized a seminar on healthcare issue on 12th June 2017 at Renewal Centre, Youhanabad where at least 135 women had participated in this


seminar. The objectives of the seminar were as follows; The objectives of the seminar


    1. To introduce the principles of health care Health and Hygienic awareness


    1. HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis prevention awareness


    1. Reproductive health particularly care in pregnancy


    1. STD’s awareness


Dr. Shamim told that 80 percent diseases came through unhygienic practice because we don’t care about the cleaning of the eatable items before eating them. She also explained in simple word about the HIV/AIDAS and Hepatitis virus and told how they can attack us and what are the measures we have to take in order to keep away from such dangerous diseases.


  1. New Life Ministry (NLM) organized one day seminar on the theme of “Rights of Women in the Society” on 17th July 2017 at St. John’s Parish Hall Lahore.

The main speaker of the seminar was Advocate Saima Arshid More than 100 participants attended the seminar. Participants were from Youhanbad, Khaliq Nagar, DulluKhurd, Village Bullar and New Youhanabad. Ms. Rita Samson Director of NLM welcomed the participants and the speaker. She explained the background and objectives of the seminar. She told that women work with greater dedication and more meticulously than a man, where in majority of our women suffer from malnutrition’s, illiteracy, poor health, inadequate housing, unemployment, insecurity and denial of these legal rights. The legal rights literacy is must for women to defend themselves in male dominated society. Ms. Rita Samson said that the main objective of the seminar is to awaken the women about their social life and rights. Mrs. Siama Arshid said ,As women of many different countries still face discrimination and unequal legal position before the law, the implementation of women's human rights worldwide is becoming more and more important. With the declaration of International Women’s Year in 1975 by the UN General Assembly and the ratification of various international conventions and human rights instruments such as the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women in 1979, many governments have embarked upon the road towards committing to genuine gender equality.


  1. New Life Ministry (NLM) organized one day’s seminar on 17th August 2017 the theme of “The Necessity of Education for Women” at St. Mary’s Parish


Gulberg, Lahore. Mrs. Faouzia Saleemi was the main speaker. She is an educationist and Principal of Government College for women. More than 155 participants attended this seminar. The participants were teachers of different school, factory employer, women working in the houses and nurses. She explained the education has been of central significance to the development of human society. It can be the beginning, not only of individual knowledge, information and awareness, but also a holistic strategy for development and change. Education is very much connected to women's ability to form social relationships on the basis of equality with others and to achieve the important social good of self-respect. Education can allow women to participate in politics so they can ensure that their voices and concerns are heard and addressed in the public policy. Education is a critical input in human resource development and is essential for the country's economic growth. It can help a country to achieve its national goals via producing minds imbue with knowledge, skills and competencies to shape its future destiny. The widespread recognition of this fact has created awareness on the need to focus upon literacy and elementary education programme.







She is 20 years old. She did her 5th grade and left the school. She was staying at home. She started learning straw basket making from her Aunty. When she learned that the same work is going in the village by NLM she joined the group and started doing production work now she is earning 9,000/- rupees from the work. They are 6 brothers and sisters. Her parents and 1 brother works now that she is also earning the family is very happy with her. She has gained confidence and now can face the society very well.





She is earning 10,000/- rupees from hand embroidery. She has become independent. She is working at home as well. She was a very nervous personality. She is making use of her professional skills. Now she can do a much better job. She is supporting her family in a very effective manner.



She knew pot and glass painting but was not trying it because she did not know where she could go and sell them she was doing it only for house use she was working in the house of a small land lord as a maid. When she learnt of the production going on she joined the group and now she is earning 8,000/- rupees from her work.




She is a very hard working girl from straw basket making course. At the end of the course she is earning 5000/- rupees. She has gained a lot of confidence. Before joining the course she was staying at home and was not helping her family financially. Her family is now very happy with her.





She is earning 7000/- rupees from hand embroidery. She is married now and can earn enough by her skill. She could not help her family but now she is doing a very good job. She is now very happy and can face the challenges in the society.





She came to know about training going on through NLM and started coming to learn hand embroidery. She is earning 6,000/- rupees monthly. She is now able to help her family financially. They are 7 members in the family her father is sickly and stays at home. Her 2 brothers go to factory for work. They are living in a rented house.





She is 19 years old. She is under metric and was staying at home. They are 6 brothers and sisters. She is learning glass and pot painting and she is working as well. She is earning 7000/- rupees. Her father is an electrician. He is the only one who earns for the whole family. Now that she has started working the family is having a good income.





She is 18 years old. She has one brother and two sisters. Two of them are blind. Her father is a rickshaw driver. She was staying at home and could not help her family in any way. She passed her 5th grade and left the school. She started her course of straw basket making. She is now able to play a strong role in the family as an earning person. Her family is very much satisfied with her.





She is 24 years old she was staying at home and was doing household work. She heard of hand embroidery course in the village and talked to her family but her father is very strict and did not allow her to come but she convinced him through her mother and started the course. Her family is now very happy with her that she is playing her role in family income.





NLM has these following plans in future for persons with disabilities.

  1. Free Computer College, English language spoken English Course


  1. Free hostel facility for disabled girls and women


  1. Free Dispensary for Women and Children














We believe in the importance and value of the rules in its capacity to form us become better persons; just as in each person, has within himself a rule that guides or a truth that an individual of good faith can find within himself/herself; the contents of this manual are the expressions of that rule, that inner truth calling for obedience to goodness, to justice, unity, equality, respect, faithfulness and peace. With this, we are assured of going harmoniously achieving the purpose and objectives of the Organization.




New Life Ministry (NLM) considers the maintenance of discipline as matter of fundamental importance. For the effective implementation of this policy, the following rules and regulations are hereby promulgated for the guidance of compliance by all employees of NLM. Violation of any provision of this Code constitutes a ground for disciplinary action and will subject the employee to the proscribed penalty.




These Rules and Regulations shall be known as the “NLM Employee Code of Discipline”




The following abbreviations, works and phrases as used in this Code, shall have the meaning indicated unless a different one is plainly denoted in the text.




NLM means New Life Ministry


  1. Employee means all persons, including temporary and probationary employees, under the active payroll of NLM.


  1. Emergency Cases mean unforeseen circumstances such as fire, typhoon, earthquake, sickness, giving birth, death, or any accident involving either the employee personally or immediate members of his/her family including lawful spouse, the children, and adults.


  1. NLM Premises means all landholdings and buildings, owned and rented by NLM. It also covers the working area occupied by employees assigned at the field, including NLM vehicles.




  1. Every employee is required to perform his/her duties regularly and actually. He/she shall avoid being absent or tardy in reporting for work.


  1. Every employee shall ask permission from his/her immediate superior before taking an unscheduled vacation, except in emergency cases. The permission


shall be secured at least one (1) day before the intended date of his/her vacation; otherwise, the absence is unauthorized.





Every employee shall perform his/her duties and any other work assigned to him/her with diligence and shall strive to meet the work standards set by NLM. In case of negligence of responsibility the employee will be called for and given instructions about his/her responsibility.




Every employee is asked to be faithful to the Organization because this is what is required of him/her. They should not try to hide anything from the person in charge. They should not mislead or misdeal with others. They should not accept, or attempt to accept money, gift, share, benefits or favors from any person or through the mediation of another as a condition for the performance of one’s duty.




The employees should not show infidelity in the custody of NLM documents. They should not lose or displace NLM records.




Every worker has a right to say and share their opinions, whenever an employee creates a conflict he/she will be called to the executive body meeting to solve the matter.




This Code shall take effect on the 15th of April, 2003



Ms. Rita Samson





GMFI Mission Statement

About President of GMFI


About president of GMFI

                                        I was born in the southern part of India in an orthodox Hindu family. I was born in kanyakumari. which is at the southern part of India. I belong to an orthodoxy Hindu family my parents named me Rammar (Hindu god’s name).i was brought up by my grandfather and Grandmother from the age of 5. So i never experienced the love of my parents .My grandfather is an Hindu priest he would take me to many Hindu temples. Thus i don’t know anything about Jesus Christ, that he is the only living god. I was brought up with the tradition of the Hindu religion. There were no one to show love and care on me, it felt all alone and i hated myself, i decided to attend suicide .At that time some voice inside my heart told me to go to a place called kovalam .At once without thinking anything i went there. I saw many foreigners taking bath at the beach. I sat there and cried a lot, thinking of my life.One of the foreigner saw me crying and came to me and asked why was i crying? He introduced himself as Jim Mcdonal, that he is a group leader of the YWAM. He took me with him to a restaurant and bought me food. He saw my dress which was torn and he also bought me new dress .His love and care touched my heart. The next day he came to my village. He told about Jesus Christ ,and that was the first time i heard about Jesus Christ. After few days i met one of my uncle, who was converted into an Christian from the Hindu religion. He encouraged me to come along with him to the meeting to near church. I began to know more about Jesus Christ through him. I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and my life was completely changed. I have changed my name to ISACC. I went to Pune to do the DTS training (6 months) collage with the help of the YWAM s group leader Jim Mcdonal. In 1989 I came back to my village after finishing DTS training .There was a church across my village the people of the church invited me to share the word of god. There i met my wife Mallika .We both loved each other and got 1990.Then i did gospel work at many Christian organization. i worked as a missionary in salvation army church, and also in Gospel outreach mission, Tribal outreach mission and , Indian bible translators.I finished my bachelor in theology(3 years)Bible training  at new life theological collage and seminary in the year of 1995.I got a vision from God, and began to do an individual mission named The Gospel mission for India (Missionary organization) Begin. I travelled and took care of the gospel to all around the parts of India. And doing god’s ministry and sharing the love of God where the gospel un reached yet. God has provided me with 4 beauty full daughters .I am still doing my gods ministry with my friends support and my prayer. I am thanking god for everything. At present about 40 village missionaries are doing gospel work with me at many remote villages in India where the Gospel  still un reached.  May God bless you.Brother we need your prayer and support for Indian village ministries. May the blessings of the lord be with you all Amen! Amen! Amen!



Dear Brother/Sister in Christ.

I am very much glad to introduce about myself. My name is Isacc and i am the president of Gospel Mission for India. I am doing gospel ministry through our missionaries in remote villages in Orissa, West Bengal, Andhra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and north India where the gospel is still not yet reached. Present 40 missionaries and twenty blind missionaries are working with our GMFI in sixty different places in India in very remote jungle villages and doing church planting ministry and making water well project and medical camp and supporting poor children with school uniform and books notes and supporting small monthly support for widows and free medical hospital. We are looking funds to build new churches in our mission field where the missionaries are working. Please help us to build new churches. We are also running children's home for street , parent-less and disabled kids .Present at Orissa, Andhra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu 100 disabled children's are taken care of us through our Shiloh children's home orphanage center. We have adopted one hundred orphan, street and disabled kids and giving them free food and shelter and education, Medical, etc. We are going to start blind, dumb and deaf children center. Please pray for us and help us with little donation. Our eyes are looking up for your mercy and big heart support. You are also welcome to provide small contribution to our orphanage during your birthday, anniversary etc. Please tell about us to your relatives, friends family and church members. We will be very  thankful to you always. If anyone interested to visit to our orphanage home and  mission field in India,most welcome. Please pray for me and my family and my ministry work in India. I need your prayer and help .we are very much eager to see you here in India. I am looking forward for your good reply with prayer. GMFI would like to make partner with your organization and do gospel work in all villages in India. We are all praying for your family and ministry. We need 100 bibles If any one interested to sponsor Please call us .We need $ 600.(Dollars) PLEASE DONATE US Please send your gifts and donations to my mailing address as Lord leads you to support this ministry. Please send your loving offerings through Western Union Money Transfer (or) Money Gram Money Transfer After sending the funds kindly please give MTC Ten digital Number.






  1. To promote biblical spirituality in the lives of students so that they will develop Christ like character.
  2. To Refresh the missionary and encourage them into spiritual way.
  3. To impact sound biblical and theological knowledge in order to carry out the ministry of our lord effectively.
  4. In India, most of the churches ,worship is being conducted in thatched roof. There is no proper building to do worship. GMFI helps to build new church & helps them to worship in a new building,
  5. Free distribution of tracts. Bible and spiritual books, kids study books, drums songs books and all music instruments for worship.
  6. GMSI sponsoring monthly support of Rs.2000 $30 for every missionary who work in the missionary fields.
  7. Discipleship and leadership training centers.
  8. church planting in north India
  9. Relief work.
  10. Taking care of orphan kids and giving free food and education and given them good life.
  11. Leader conference will be held once in a year (we will invite special quest in global who is willing to attended)



The most important and crucial way in which you can help us is by praying for us regularly and fervently.

  1. Pray that the lord of the harvest would raise laborers who have compassion for the lost.
  2. Pray for the protection of our brothers and sisters who are labor for him in difficult places. Hindu militancy is on the rise and many of our brothers and sisters have been threatened a few beaten.
  3. Pray that the Lord would provide funds for the various ministries.






It takes so very little to train and send out a laborer for the Lord’s harvest in India. Please consider any of the following ways to give.

  1. Sponsor the training of a laborer for the harvest. With a minimum gift of Rs.1, 250  $20 a month you can sponsor the training of a national missionary . The full cost of training is about Rs.3,000 a month. We will send you the picture and information about the student. If you wish, you may write to the student. This is an excellent way to help in the training of national missionaries.
  2. Sponsor a national missionary in the field. With a minimum gift of Rs.2000 $30 a month you can sponsor a national missionary who; is working in the field. A national missionary family can be supported by giving a little as Rs.2000 $30 a month. If you cannot come to India as a missionary you can send someone else in your place.
  3. Support the training programs and church planting work through regular donations. Even a small amount given on a regular basis will help us immensely to carry on the training program as well as the support of national missionaries. We need partners who would give regularly Rs.500 $10, Rs.1000 $15, Rs.2000 $35.Rs.3000 $50 or more so that we can continue the various ministries that the lord has entrusted us.
  4. Help to build a church. Many of our congregations are worshiping in makeshift “buildings”. With just Rs.25000 $400 we can build a small prayer shed in many places. It takes only Rs.150,000 $2000 to Rs.3,00,000 $5000 to build a good church building in most places.
  5.  Give towards a scholarship fund in memory off someone or in honor of someone. With a one-time gift of Rs.1,00,000 $1500 you can set up a scholarship in memory of someone dear to honor in honor of a special person.
  6. Give towards an endowment fund. A substantial amount is needed for an endowment fund. Please give generously for this so that we can continue to train laborers for the lord’s harvest until He comes back.
  7. We are looking forward for your mail with prayer.








  1. At present about 40 missionaries and 20 Pastors are working under our GMFI organization among Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Orissa we are in need of Rs.1,20,000 $2000 dollar’s to provide them with  the monthly support.
  2. Also, In our orphanages which is situated at different places in India like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Orissa  Tamil Nadu , there are about 100 orphan children’s been taking care by us providing them with food, accommodation and shelter. The total cost of these expenses is Rs.1,50,000 $ 2500 dollars.


  1. Education: Usually schools will be reopened for the kids and they will be promoted to higher class every year on the month of June. At that time, we are in need of Rs.90,000 $1500 dollars for their(kids) educational expenses like uniform, notebooks, pens , School bags and shoes, socks, stationaries etc.,
  2. For Christmas and New Year celebrations. At the time of Christmas, we provide the children’s with new dress, gifts, cake, Crackers, special food, for these requirements to be fulfilled we are in need of Rs.90,000 $1500 dollars.


We are planning to build an orphanage for which our requirements are purchasing of land and building construction, prayer hall, dining Room, kitchen, office Rooms, bathrooms, guest house for visitors, workers room, administration office, Board of Director meeting hall, water tank, bore well, compound, Rest rooms, and the total requirement of financial support is two hundred thousand dollars (Rs.1,20,00,000 $ 2,00,000 dollars)






Please send your loving donation by western union money transfer or below bank account by net transfer.


Bank name-Indian bank,

Bank a/c number 894689761,

Bank address-Indian bank,

Anupuram township branch (1417),

Flat no 4, 1flr, Godhavari buildings,

Anupuram township,

Mulikolathur, post,

kancheepuram dist,

Tamilnadu, state – India

                Bank IFSC Code : IDIB000A129

Bank swift code Indian bank Chennai

IDIBINBBTSY,  NO.1801840, CIF 393510069,

May the lord accept and bless you as you make commitments to pray of GMFI regularly. Send us your loving offerings according to (Malachi 3:10) the Lord will open  the windows of heaven and pour out so much blessings  that you will not have  room enough to receive it. I thank you very much for your prayers,supports and encouragement for our GMFI ministry in India. May the lord provide all your needs, continue to  generously give to the lord. Every money you send us will be spent to the kingdom of God. There is no doubt that the lord almighty will bless you with his riches let the grace and blessings of the lord be with you and  your family Amen! Amen! Amen!



Yours brother in the service of unreached villages in India





Prayer Requests

Magdalena Bible Study

Update from Indra and Chandra

Student Activities

Bible Study in Nepal

Student Conference

Ministry Update From Indra and Chandra





July 2014 

                                              From Nepal

March 2014


Breaking down walls that separate, and together,

building up walls that protect

Maybe that’s a good way to describe our latest King’s Kids Israel weekend…

After arriving from different parts of the land to beautiful Yad Hashmona, the youth started to gather together, yet many were trying to “run away” into their familiar setting, either with their own language mates, with their own team members or some just them and their smart phone…

Very quickly we asked for all phones to be switched off and got the team to split into small groups, 5 Action Groups which we mixed as much as we knew how to… These groups will be their team for this weekend, discussion group after Bible study, prayer time, games and more…



 After an intense time of team building games and activities as well as Bible study, worship and small group discussions, a time that could be called “breaking down walls that separate”, we all got ready, put on the old clothes we brought, got on the bus and drove to our ministry location.

A few days before the weekend, the Lord opened the door for us to go and serve in a house being renovated and fixed to accommodate handicapped Palestinian people. The house is located in an area C, a Palestinian inhabited area into which Israelis can legally enter.

Paint brushes, paint, plastic bags, wood, brooms, shovels and many other tools were prepared for our team, each one chose his location and started at his job for the next couple of hours… It was a big blessing to see that although we only had a short time to give, the Lord blessed the works of our hands and gave good results. This is the part we could call: “together, building up walls that protect”… Together, Israeli Arab and Jewish believers, contributing something, though little, to help build this house for the Palestinian handicapped people…





The amazing thing is that the paint on those walls looks just the same on the outside despite the different hands that painted it…

May we as worshipers of the most high, coming from different nationalities, backgrounds and languages, paint such a reflection of Jesus’ beauty, one that shows Him and Him alone despite the different painters…

We are very grateful that the Lord chooses to link His children together in His service and for His purposes, we know for sure that the Arabic speaking King’s Kids Galilee team as well as the Hebrew speaking King’s Kids Jerusalem team and King’s Kids central Israel team WILL be returning to further serve this wonderful initiative of a home for the handicapped Palestinians…


There’s no doubt that God could get the job done without me, but I can’t get the job done without the help of others.

So, as always, you have done much, encouraging us in various ways, Spiritually, practically and financially. Shaping the Ministry with us and thus the time has come

that you rejoice with us for:

Having successful, fruitful, and bridge strengthening (the foundation is already built) year round programs, week-ends, KK families’ courses and counseling as well as outreaches.

Please remember us in prayers for 2014 upcoming programs:

  • Young Leaders’ training meetings and conferences
  • Programs for children and youth –each group twice a month
  • KK families’ retreat April 11th -13th  and outreach (partly on House of Light Land inviting people from neighboring village) July 26th-August 5th
  • KK Leaders “Challenge” (in the Woods)  June 30th –July 4th
  • KK young 6-12 years, July 17th -19th 
  • KK outreach  abroad – a small group joins with other groups there, July 15th – August 5th

We are appreciative 




 Prison Ministry News

 “Often good news is conveyed more poignantly and powerfully through sharing in the suffering of people, by standing with them in confronting threats and fears, by weeping with them in their misery, by holding their hands in time of need, and kneeling with them in their guilt.” 

‘Our journey… is about progress, not perfection. We’re dealing with adversity. But you’ll be amazed how much distance you can cover taking it in increments. Little things add up; inches turn to miles. We string together our efforts like so many pearls, and before long…you have a whole strand!’.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,” col 3:23

"I envy you. I want to have what makes you so persistent and caring. You come to us with joy and enthusiasm as if we were the best people in the world" G

"Please come and pray with me. That's the only thing that could drive away my nightmares." Sh


"We could see a big difference in the life of Sh after your visit. Please visit him more often." Rabbi responsible in that prison


By the Lord’s direction and the help of Nikolay, our Russian speaking co-worker, alongside 15 other volunteers from different churches working on one accord, we had the opportunity to successfully do “Around Christmas Celebrations” where we visited and gave presents to 300+ local inmates, 170 illegal foreign workers & 750 Eritreans & Sudanese. Some were already saved either before being arrested or at previous visits that we did. Others heard the message of salvation with joy and responded to it, yet for some, it wasn't their time. According to them, they still need to settle things. Some even didn’t show at the “party”. We explained: “I tell you, now is the time of God’s favour, now is the day of salvation.” 2cor 6:2


“By the time those prison visits were completed we knew that the time we spent with the inmates meant far more to them than our words.  It was a matter of being there, our presence was good news for the prisoners – good news that they were not forgotten, good news that someone cared about them.  Our visits were like a harbinger of hope – a ray of light breaking through the dreary drudge of their circumstances.  And in this we came to see in a new way the significance of how God communicated the good news of His love to bruised and broken humanity – it wasn’t just a message in words spoken or written on a page, it was a message in a person.  The love of the messenger was the message, God with us - Jesus entering the prison of the world to show humanity that God has not forgotten us and how much he cares for us, and that he is the only one that can deliver us from evil”.




Please continue praying for:

·      The follow up during the year round visits. Anis and Nikolay go together strengthening those who accepted the Lord and trying to reach new ones.

·      The monthly support for those who have no families to care for them and are attending the year round bible study that we hold, putting money in their canteens for food, clothing, payment for the dentist or to buy reading glasses…etc….

·      Peace amongst the Eritrean refugees. Every year we could visit around 2000 of them but not this year. Riot is ruling in their detainee centers.

·      Post prison Christian houses. This is becoming a big issue and we fail to find who to care for those who are free now. We have one ex prisoner living with us now for three years but as we don’t have the team/staff to help care and pastor them we cannot have more.

·      Follow up with their children and families. The Lord has blessed the House of Light and we could send some of their children to summer camps or swimming courses.


“Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you.” 2 Thes 3:16

“The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.” Rom 16:20




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February 2014



Current Situation of Christians in Nepal

Nepal was declared as the Secular and Republic country in 2008. Since then, we have felt easy to practice Christianity in Nepal and able to do the Church ministry though there were some persecutions rampant in the family, parents and society and even sometimes from the Hindus based political parties of Nepal. Especially, we Christians have to suffer a lot during the time of election here in Nepal and especially the Hindus based political parties threaten to stop the Church activities and even to build the Churches in Nepal. One political party who brought the proposal to declare Nepal as secular nation has been in the third position in this election that held in November 4. The new emerging party named National Democracy Party Nepal, a Hindus based party has got 24 seats in the cabinet and other first and second parties are also in favor of declaring Nepal as one and only Hindus nation and they are preparing the draft to submit in the cabinet. If that is done then it would be difficult for the Christians to live and practice Christianity and preach, outreach and also plant the Churches and do the Christian activities.

Last week, one of the leaders of  Hindus based political party had given the interview in National television named Himalayan Television and he was telling that they have the strategy to stop the Church activities, doing Church service and planting Churches in Nepal. They are making the plan to stop the rented Churches all over Nepal by taking action against the house owner who are giving their houses on rent for the Church running and almost all the house owners are Hindus in Nepal and they also support their planning and for the first phase they are directing every Hindus house owners not to give the houses on rent for the Churches and exclude them from the houses. The current data of Nepal that having the own Church land and building is only 18 percent and the rest of 82 percent of Churches are running in rented way. If this is done then many Churches along with many Christians will be affected. So please pray for this. This is the burning issue in Nepal. When I heard this and I was really shocked as I am also doing the Church ministry and living in a rented house. We have been praying for buying the Church land so please pray so that God gives us the sources and open the doors of blessings to afford it. I need your prayers and assistance to do God’s work here in Nepal. Via yours small kind contribution, I can do great things for Christ who has strengthen me.


Hoping to hear from you

With love and prayers in Christ

Pastor Krishna and family




October 2013


 Dedication of my life: Recent visit of Jajarkot district reminded me my child life. I was born in Salyan district but my parent had dedicated me to a god in another district called Jajarkot. When I was about five years old my father had taken me there for the dedication. It was about four days walk from our home. I still remember the long walk up to the near Himalaya region. After the dedication I was told not to eat buffalo meat and my father also had to avoid it. When I grew up older I could eat chicken meat only because other meat made me sick or very etching of the body. When I was about 13 years old I again had another problem like coming the different type of ghost in the dream and made me scream while I was in deep sleep. This continued in my life. But when I was in Class nine I began to start not to believe in gods. I started eating the other kind of meats and then I was not getting any harm but I still had fearful dreams, screaming in the dream etc. At the age of 20 when I received Christ I began to pray and I had healed from the fearful dream. After my Bachelor level study I went for the interview with CCC. I was selected in the interview for the CCC nine month training. In that day all the selected boys and I were sleeping in one room. Again a dream came to me that I was initially walking near the edge of river and later I went in a cave there I saw an idol of Shiva god (a Hindu god). I thought it is my god and I began to cry. Then other friends made me awake. I told all the dreams I had. This dream made me whether I should do the training or not. By this time I had not grown in the Lord so much. Nobody had taught me much things to grow in the Lord.



My friends suggested me that it is temptation. They said Satan do not want you to do this training. Then in that mid night they prayed for me. After the prayer we slept well.

I had completed my training in 2001. After about 12 years later CCC started Church planting ministry in Jajarkot district. When I went there I felt joy and great peace in my heart. I wanted to include this story is when I went Jajarkot district I remembered all my past life where I was involved in darkness initially and now I am a part of the Ministry to take the light in this district. I was so happy to see these hills again and prayed for the people. I hope I will able to spent some more days in next visit and teach some more people of that area.



Healing:  Most of the people in this area have come in the Lord because of the healing. I met two people who had healed from their serious problem.

Pastor Mansing explained the condition of a sister that her family member had brought her in a box in the Church. Then she stayed three days in Church. After three days she began to walk. Her swelling body began to come in normal position. She was unconscious but came to conscious after three days prayer.



Another man shared that he had visited Kathamandu,Nepalgunj and Lucknow for the treatment of the child but child could not be healed. They spent over 200000 Rupees for the

treatment of child. Finally they brought the Children in the Church and Child is healed. Now this boy is playing drum in the Church.

In this way people are coming first to Christ through healing and later they know the truth and accept Jesus as their savior.



Buddhi Sunar and Mansing have done wonderful job in their Ministry. Mansing’s Church is grown in up to 40 members within a year and Buddhi have around 22 believers coming in regularly in the Church.








Samuel shahi,Dilli Shahi and other three have begun the Bible studies in their areas. They each have three to seven members in their fellowship. May be next two quarter they are going to be forming Church with about 15 members. These three Pastors’ believers are sometime gathering together and getting training from the pastors.

September 2013   

Prayer Requests and Updates 9-2013


Nepal 7-13

About the orphanage kids:



The children are helpless and orphanage ones. They are pitiable and couldn't got the chance to get education and my wife she had the vision to bring them at our rented home and take care of them providing everything but it was not started by any sources but by faith. She herself is an orphan and God gave her a heart to take care of those helpless children and brought here in 2012 and they are happy now to be here.

Aim of keeping the orphanage children. To provide them education and make them the good strong pillars of Christ and they can serve the Lord returning back to the areas where they were taken.

Naomi Praja:  I brought the daughter of a Pastor near to India boarder and he is very poor and have four daughters and one son and has no wife and has no land but only small hut and his home is beside the national park here in our district. Her name is Naomi Praja, age 11 studies in grade 5 and she is from the endangered tribal family and her background is Buddhist. She is happy to be here and she want to be a preacher in the future and serve the Lord among her tribes.

Next one as per picture is Bibek B,K, age 12 , studies in grade 6 and her mother is Christian and do daily wages work and has no home and land. His father died some years ago when he was in the forest collecting firewood and many wasps bit and died on the spot and he wants to be a Pastor in the future.

Next is Prabin Rokaya , age 12 studies in grade 5 taken from far off Nepal, near to China boarder and he has mother who is the porter and his father is missing in the insurgency period and he is happy to be here and there was no one to take care of him and taken here just one year before and he wants to be a doctor in the future and he plays musical instrument in Church well.

Next is Sirjana Rokaya, age 14 studies in grade 10 and taken from far off Nepal, near to China boarder and she has mother who is the porter and her father is still missing in the insurgency period and she is happy to be here and she has taken baptism and wants to serve the Lord being the minister of the Lord and she is very much hunger to know the truth from the word of God and she leads in the Church.

This is the short information of the children so please pray as their studies is good and via our kind contribution and caring they can be the good Christian pillar of the nation. Please pray for them and this is joint effort work and your involvement is highly inevitable to move ahead in this orphanage ministry and to make them the pillar of Christ.

God bless you
With love and prayers in Christ
Pastor Krishna and family
Eternal Life Church
Bharatpur-11 Muktinagar, Chitwan



Nepal 07-13

Dearest respected Pastor in Christ
Warm and loving greetings in Jesus name from Nepal

Hope everything is fine there as we have been praying for you each day in our daily prayers with the orphanage children, Church congregation,Each Mondays Women Prayer Meeting, Each Wednesdays Prayer Assembly, Each Fridays Fasting Prayers etc. You are always in our hearts and prayers. There is not a single day that goes off without praying you before the Lord. We have been holding and up lifting you in our daily prayers as you are special and crucial to us in Christ. We are also praying for our strong spiritual relationship in the Lord and seeking His guidance and direction to work together for the expansion of His kingdom more effectively in Nepal. Only 1.4 percent of Nepalese are following Christ and got salvation, eternal life and redemption. This is the minor number and our target is that as many as people can come to Christ. For this we have been praying and attempting and trying our best. But there has been the obstacles and hindrances in outreaching the gospel to many people as we have planned. We are suppressed and interfered  by the government and from the community to preach the gospel. We the Christians are treated as second class citizen of Nepal. There are trials, temptations and persecutions into the Christian lives. It is really a big challenge to do God's work. So it is really difficult to do this work alone. We need your prayers, encouragements, inspirations and even assistance. This is the partnership work.  If we see in Luke chapter 5: 4 that Jesus told Simon to cast the net in the deep and he casted the net as per the word and they could collect lots of fish and even their net was going to worn out and they called their partners ad collect lots of fish and their boats were filled with fish. This is awesome and great things happened there and today via your and our efforts and contributions and in partnership work there will be the tremendous things happened here in Nepal and many people will follow and accept Christ. Even you small help and contribution will act as a great deal into our lives. You know Nepal is the second poorest country in the world. We have to rely on India and China for everything like foods, machinery, vehicles, cltohes etc. We don't have constitution in the country. The present government has declared to do the election in coming November 19 but 33 political parties have declared to withdraw the polling and now the government has declared the yearly budget where the expensive rate has been hiking by 10 percentage. We don't have big factories and no employment facilities. Thousands of people are unemployed and many Nepalese are now in gulf countries for work. The situation of Nepal is not good, there is poverty, chaos, political instability, corruption and this is all due to idol worshiping and they are following false gods and goddess. They are worshiping the Godly created things like stone, river, trees etc. They are astray to God. The condition is really unbearable so our God has set and kept us Christians to reveal truths among those people and lead them to God from darkness to light and I am attempting from my side but sometimes I feel worry and sad when I have to face two challenges at the same time that is poverty and persecutions. Please pray for me as I can get rid of this and can bring many souls in the Lord as far as I can and lead them in the Lord. I thank God as He has kept me among these people to preach the gospel and fulfill His commandment and commission. I am doing the best and via His grace and your continual prayers, many souls are coming in the Church and I am also getting success to give them water baptism. It has been 13 years that I have been doing His service and Ministry.

One brother named Ram Prasad Gaudel age 23, the elder son of Hindu priest took baptism on 17th July 2013. I shared him gospel right 6 months ago and he is also the student of University here in Nepal. He is from my wife's parents area. There is no one Christian in his cline, caste and generations and he is the first Christian in his generation. So please pray for him as it is really a great challenge to be a Christian in Hindu priest Brahamin family as it is called the higher caste in Nepal like Jews. So please pray for him so that he can increase his faith and follow Christ in any circumstances. I think He is only one Christian in his ward and each ward has more than 10 thousands of people. He is happy to get baptism and I had never forced him to get baptism but I was teaching and teaching him and all of a sudden one day he phoned me and told me Pastor I want to take baptism and I told him to pray and study more and more especially four gospel books and be ready physically and spiritually and I gave him Baptism Class and other teachings for a week calling him at the Church.

I have sent you some pictures of his acceptance to Christ as savior and Lord and some pictures of baptism.

Please pray for our brother Bijaya Acharya who took baptism on this June 28th and he is like an orphan as his father and mother left him and he is helpless and desperate but he is fully devoted to the Lord and getting ready for Bible College and we are praying for the source and God's provision as he needs traveling, enrollment fees, stationery, fees, pocket money etc. The sooner we can send him to Bible College, the sooner he will be equipped and serve the Lord as per his vision going to hilly areas.

Please pray for Mira Sapkota age 41 and suffering from cancer and she has also a great faith in the Lord and she is getting better and coming to the Church each week and we are going at her rented home to pray. His spouse is in Malaysia and he is also going to Church. They are up growing in the Lord.

Please pray for the new souls coming in the Church as we have asked God for bringing more and more souls and He is giving new souls.

Please pray as we have started Church in another remote hilly area of Nepal and I am going there for fellowship after this Monsoon and we are praying to start in my parents home area and planning to send this brother Bijaya there after he will be equipped and it is the most hilly area and there are not any Churches and it is 250 k.m away from us.

The orphanage children have got the first term result of this year and they have secured good marks and percentage. Among them my daughter Kristina got 99.33 percentage and Pravin Rokaya got nearly 80 percent and become 4th in his class, Bibek got 70 percentage, Naomi got 65 percentage and Srijana got 55 percentage. Thank you so much for your great prayers.I thank God as He is using me more wonderfully these days and I am able to reach with the gospel among many people. This is all due to the grace of the Lord and your continue prayers.

This much, hoping to get your feed back, response, reply, encouragements and inspirations and teachings.

God bless you
With much love and prayers in Christ
Pastor Krishna, Dilu and Kristina
With all Church family and Orphanage kids
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Dear Brother.

Greetings you in the name of Jesus

We are fine and doing well for Jesus Christ in Pakistan, but unfortunately again deadly flood in Lahore Pakistan. Today our river Ravi’s edge was broke and many villages and towns were destroyed in Lahore. We have very small churches in these villages and many houses were destroyed of our Christians people. Many victims are admitted in Hospitals and injured cause of their homes collapse. I have called the people today and hear the bad news. At least eight people were killed and several others injured by flashfloods and heavy rain.
At least 60 houses and 15 shops were completely washed away on Friday, while 120 houses were partially destroyed.
The rain is expected to continue still many days In Lahore, heavy rain flooded several low-lying areas, while multiple feeders tripped and interrupted power supply throughout Friday.
so please pray for this great disaster and send the Medicine and food Items for flood victims.

We always thankful your all supports.

God bless you

Your Bro. John Feroze Masih

Lahore Pakistan



Dear beloved  in Christ,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Hope that you and your family are doing fine and good. Here in India by god’s grace last week ministry was good and fine. By the grace of our lord Jesus on 7/07/2013 we were able to start two worship service one from 8am to 10am, 10am to 12pm After the worship service people from Hindu background came for prayer. Our lord Jesus blessed them and miracles happened in their lives.  God gave a family to give birth a Baby after 3 years. Jesus Christ delivered a Hindu Woman from bondage of Satan. He gave the Transfer which was long time need to Bro.Lawrence. 

Kindly uphold us in your daily prayers. We do pray for you and the work that you do for the Kingdom of our living lord Jesus Christ. When god opens the door for you to visit India join us in the ministry and lift the name of our lord Jesus Christ. My regards to everyone. Amen! 

Our prayer requests are: 

Pray for: 

*Pastor R.Monydoss ministry trip to Singapore that our Lord should fill Him with Anointing and still use him to deliver the Sick ,Demonic Possessed, etc.,. 

*Orphanage building construction work. God should open doors to meet all the financial needs of the construction. 

*Widows funding program. All the monthly financial support to them should be met without any fail. 

*Street Evangelism which is being done every Sunday Evening. 

*Branch Churches, which is in the nearby villages & slums.

*Construction to be started near Aravanoor village which has a good opening for the kingdom of our lord. 

*Pas.Monydoss & His family Members & His Assistant Pastors & All the church believers to be guarded and guided by our lord each and every moment. 

In Christ,






Dear Respected Brother James Woods and  Church Family,


Warm Christian Greetings from Grace Church Ministries, Nepal


How are you. We are praying and hoping that you are fine there.  We are well here by the grace of God.  We would like to communicate with you and want to hear from you time to time.  We would like to share our happiness and sad or whatever we have as our prayer items.  We are leading our ministries by the leading of Holy Spirit.


Thank you very much for your kind prayers,  supports to our church ministries. You have done many helped us in the Lord.  Specially you have helped to our church ministries.  We  are here  because of you great prayers,  supports and encouragements in the Lord Jesus Christ.  We appreciate you a lot my brother. God will reward you.   When you will receive this please write me back.  I am waiting eagerly to hear from you.  Our family and church family remember you in the Lord. Our Grace Church Kathmandu plays a great roles as main church for the village churches. So, I visit our village churches frequently to teach them and  train them and encourage them. So, would like to send our village church reports to you time to time.


The following are reports from our village churches. We are doing well our church ministries.  I have gone last a few days to village churches.  Every boy are well in the Lord and growing in the Lord Jesus Christ.  I have to go there time to  time to help and encourage them in the Lord.  I have a great responsibilities  for the village churches.


Pastor Prem Bayalkoti wrote  good reports from the western Region from Surkhet district that he started other new two churches again last month.  Now he has 9 churches in the west of Nepal.  He is good and active brother in the Lord.  He said that he wants to build the church hall  for the new churches there.


Pastor Mangal Rai reports that he has completed his church building completely. He is happy there to serve the Lord with his leaders and members.  He has started two branch churches in Pipara Village and Bagmati village which are more than 25 Kilometer far from his main church. God has done miracles for the some new families. Because of healing from their sickness they came to know the Lord as their savior.  Then the Lord started to draw the people in Him. So, they started branch churches. Pastor Mangal and His church leaders are active to go there and peach the word of God there.


Pastor Tul Bahadur Rai of Chandranigahapur city, is leading a church in Terai. He has started a build the church hall there a bigger then before.  His previous church hall is very small and need to extend as bigger hall for his more than 250 members worship services. But his budgets is too small for that. Have not completed yet. Still praying for his church needs. He trust that one day that building will be completed.  And also he has started a new church in Beldi Village because of there there are some family members from his church which are very far from his church location. Brother Uttam Gurung is leading that new church as branch church.


Pastor Krishna Rai from Chitawan District has reported that his church members are growing now.  He has three house fellowship every week.  He wants to extend his church too because of present hall is full with the members for the church worship not enough places to sit and worship in his church.


Pastor Prem Rai from Rampur Church of Makawanpur district reports that he is doing well as he could do. His daughter named Naomi Rai is helping him for church activities there.  But two members named Netra and  Hom Raj rai are sometimes disturbed him, because of they wanted to bring the denominational pastors to  join those denominational mission from Koria for the helps.  But Pastor Prem do not want to let that church to join there, he wants to lead his church as independent church.


Pastor Gambhir Pahari reported that he is OK and also his church is growing then before.  His church was disturbed from his village people.  There are not many church members but non-Christians want to persecute to him. He is poorest pastor but serving God as he could do.  He family surviving by eating plants roots (Yums of Jungle). He does not have enough land for the family. Need some supports to him.


Pastor Chandra Bahadur Rai is leading Raigaun church. His church is also OK. But a bit slow  growing there. Some of his church members splited from him and started other church because of one denominational church named the Gospel Church use him to lead church for him.  But Chandra Rai’s church is old so, still growing slowly. Because of that church has good facilities for the members as he said to me.


Pastor Dukhwa Rai from Hattidhunga reported that he is doing well and regularly church services, house fellowships, youth meetings and sisters fellowship.  He has church hall but there is no toilets so, he said that the want to build some toilets but no more budgets.


Pastor Raun Pahari from Sakhatar Church, reports that he has been doing good works for the church activities. He has completed church hall.  He has some orphans in his church members who needs sheltered and education for their good and bright future life. He said that he has nine branch churches in his areas among the Pahari Tribe people.


Pastor Chaite Rai from Maulapur Bara District, reports that he church is growing there. He wants to buy some musical  instruments for the church. But there is not body can play musical instruments  except Nepali Badal (drums). 


Pastor Laxman Rai of Guruje Church from Sinduli District reports that there is growing some church members there. They have got a piece of land church hall from his church member family. They want to build church hall there but not enough budgets for that. Now, there are gathering in one of church members house as rent but not enough space to sit there for church services.


Pastor Buddhi Man Rai reports that his church is growing slowly in Pokhara city. This is one of tourist city in Nepal. They have rented small hall for the church service, but sometimes they difficult to pay the church rent from them. Because of his church is new not many church members yet.


Pastor Daniel Rai from Simara Church of Bara District. He said that he is leading his church well.  He needs more encouragements.  His church is growing well. But he is poor pastor. He does not have lands for survive so, goes to works as labour job for the family.  He is struggling more for his family to survive and lead the church.


Pastor Tulku Lama reports that he is active for preaching gospel to his tribes. He is from Tibetan tribes. He was Budhist Lama (Monk), but now he is Christian Monk(pastor). He is doing well to preach the Gospel and lead the church also.


Our Orphan reports:-


We have some orphan in our children home.  I (Ps. Thomas Rai)  and my wife (Gyani Rai) taking care them, our own children. We would like to bring more orphans in our home from different villages but we do not have much sponsors from them.  This year of Final Exam they have passed in their school and promoted next classes. They are happy with us. We have many applications for the orphans to accept from us but we do not have sponsors for them.


I would like to let you know the details about the these children's biography followings:.

1)    Sarmila Rai big one:-  I would like to explain at first for the biggest one,  the biggest girl's name is Sarmila Rai, I have brought her about 8 years about in my home. She is the first girl of this children home. at that time she was  8 years old and was working as a house servant with some ones house. She was very thin and brown hair and naked not proper care at that time. Sarmila is second child of her parents. The owner family always scolds her and made her weeping. I found her mother was contact with our village church member. With a help him, I came to know her mother and her.  She has 4 children two boys and two girls. She has nothing properties except wooden thatched roof house in their village. Her house was no door to close house in night too. Her father used to work someone's house as labour servant in the rich men's rice fields. But he was very drunkard and used to beat wife badly. Her father left her mother went (escaped) to somewhere without telling anything to her wife or others.  Since there, he never comes back to her. Some people said that he might be died in somewhere in Maoist war or somewhere nobody knows about him yet.  Since her father left her, her mother (them) they are suffering with lack of food, clothes and medicating.  For surviving their live her mother use to work as labour jobs and take care for  her 4 children but the children grown up later she  sent to Sarmila Rai to work with someone's house servant for surviving her life when she was 6 years old. She was young and could not work hard for owner’s family. She was bitten and bitten many times by them.  Sarmila's owners were not good and cruel at her.  Her mother told to me about her story and I was as mission trip to their village with Gospel of God many years ago in Sindhuli district.  Then I was very pity on her. And second time I went that village and asked to her mother please give me this girl,  I can give her good education and good life in Kathmandu for her good future. She agreed that then my wife and I brought her as our first daughter at home.  Until now she is with us and grown well with education.  She never wants to go back at her village. I brought her only one time in her village.  Since there, I got vision and burden to take care such orphan children and poorest children in my life.  Sarmila Rai is studying in class 6.

 2)     Sangita Rai is second girl of our home:- Who is she? Sangital Rai is blind girl who is Sarmila Rai's own sister. Sangita Rai is third children of her parents.  I used to go to village churches time to time to visit our village churches and strengthen the village pastors and leaders.  I use to see the blind girl at village. I use see her eyes but never think myself to help her. She was blind, then, massy hair and naked means little old cloth her body.  One day I visit her village with a village leader.  I met her mother in fellowship. Talked about her family how are they?  Sangita's mother mentioned that her relative family wanted to get married  Sangita with very old blind man next village. At that time Sangita was very young about 11 years old only.  Her mother' was not agree but her relatives used to force her blind daughter to get marry with very old blind man. But her mother did not want to do that.  I came to Kathmandu, and talk with my wife about this. We make decision to care some children.  We prayed God and look for His leading by the Holy Spirit.  I used to pray and share my vision and burden about this to my friends who I came to know. He is Nepal brother named Shankar Das. Brother  Sankhar Das from Nepal who is now in USA.  He expressed his interest to help such children. He started to sponsor for three children. I brought  Sangita Rai to our  home as second daughter for education and shelter for  her good future.  We brought blind girl name Sangita 3 years ago. We tried her for treatments her eyes but doctor told me that she could recover her eyes. Doctor suggests me to keep her in Blind school and hostel for education and shelter for her good future. I tried and tried for her to keep in blind school; I found one blind school which is running by government. I send there and she got free ship for education. But it was in very far from Kathmandu one day bus. I was responsible for her as guardian. I could see any improvement her in that school. I used to go there and bring her back to my home. One day I found that her hostel incharge was so badly treating her means scolding and threatening her. She was weeping there. So, I brought her to Kathmandu for vacation. During vacation, I found one blind hostel which is private one in Kathmandu. But there I have to pay some hostel expenses and books, dresses, etc. Now, I am sending her at blind hostel and her studying school there with some blind and some non-blind students. She is great improving now in her study. She is going to promote three classes from one.  She is now 14 years old and she is studying in one class.

 Brother Sankhar Das (Nepali brother) sponsored for some years ago in the past time but he stopped to sponsoring them because of lack of family resources in his family after he got married and have baby in USA. After this we suffered for lack of sponsors until now.

How and where Sangita studying:-  Actually she is not  living with us in  children home. We put her in with blind hostel and studying with other blinds there. We paid school fees, hostel fees and other expenses. I and my wife visit her sometimes in school and her hostel.  Also, we brings her in our children home when she has every school holidays and vacations.  We have been paying her school fees and her other hostel charge from whatever we received sponsors.  Her hostel takes care her now during the hostel and school times.

Shangita is not going to same school as other two orphans go.  I put her  in Blind hostel and studying non-blind school. I bring Sangita Rai sometimes to our home when she has holiday and when she has holiday and vacation we bring her in our children home.  Because of her school hostel send all the blind hostel students to their own parents and guardians. I am her guardian now, so, I bring Sangita to my home in her short vacation and long vacations.

3)     Susmita Rai is third girl of our home:- How I brought her in our home to shelter and education for good future. I have found her in our church in Kathmandu.  There is our church member family in our church named the Sita Rai.  She is with her sister named Sujata Rai. Sujata Rai is Susmita Rai's mother.  Susmita Rai's mother was raped some years ago in her village by one man who has other wife with children. Sujata did not complain about that care but later she was found herself that she was pregnant with that man. Later she said about that incident to parents but could get any help from that. That man did not accept her as second wife. She is poor and not educated, no body help her. Her parents also scold her and she came to her relative sister name the Sita Rai in Kathmandu. Sita Rai is working in Kathmandu with her husband.  Sita Rai helps her until she got baby. She got baby named the Susmita Rai. Later, Sita Rai helped her to find a job in Kathmandu.  She got job with someone house servant. 

She(Susmita’s mother) worked as a house servant for 5 years, in Kathmandu and cared the daughter too. But, She was always suffering for her child and not happy her own too. Also she found not good owners behave with her. As Sita said she used to weep at her and always tell her problems this and that.  She suffered a lot her life and one day she left Susmita at Sita's place and went to with other man very far place. Now she is with her husband. She got other daughter. She came  to her sister Sita, brought her daughter with her in the village in  husband's village but her husband  was not happy with her first daughter and bit her badly and wanted to kick her out if she do not bring back her  to Sita's place. She was bitten many times from her husband so, she brought her to her sister Sita.  Sita got problem what to do with this baby. Sita's husband also did not happy to take caring her. She shared her problems with me.  I and my wife prayed for this situation. We again agreed to bring her to our children one.

In this way, Susmita came to our children home. We are taking care three of them with us by providing food, shelters, clothes, medication, school fees, dresses, etc.  She is 10 years old and studying in class two now. She is happy with us.


4) Srijana Rai:-  Now we have brought recently one girl named Srijana Rai aged 11 years old.  During my visitation in our home town churches, I have found one orphan girl in Shakhatar villages near my hometown. Her father was died some years ago suffering Jaundice without getting treatments.  He was working as carpenter some years in Kathmandu. Later he went to his village and started to work as farmer. He has not enough land but he used to farm someone land. He suffered a lot for taking care his children. But later he became sick suffering jaundice disease. He did not had money to go to hospital for treatment. He was Hindu and tried to do some Hindu practice as chanting mantra with witch-craft. But no recover. He died without treatment. Then his wife was suffering a lot in her life with 5 children. She tried to take caring her children but she could not do that. So, she sent her sons and daughter to work as someone’s house servant. Until now they are doing this. Her daughter Srijana Rai, also used to work with someone’s house as house servant before we bring her in our children home.  Her mother had other 5 sons in different aged. Three of them who work as house servants. Her mother came to us and requested me to for her orphan sons and daughter to accept them for our children home.  I studied real her situation.  She has no enough food in her house. She has a little piece land but not enough produce food from her farm. My wife and me accept her daughter for children home. She has sons we would like to bring them too but we do not have sponsor. if some wants to sponsor for them, we may bring them too.


There are many requested to us like this orphans from guardians for their orphans to accept us from different villages and from different castes. If anyone want to sponsor them we are ready bring them in our children home.


In the future we would like to bring many orphans in our children home:-

There many orphans now in the list their parents are died. Our village churches pastors want to bring them to our children home here in Kathmandu with us.

They are thousands of orphan are living in as house servants for their surviving their lives in Nepal instead of going to school . We can see  their future very dark future. As a serving of God we pastors  want to help such poorest orphans and to give good and bright future in the Lord and also draw them in Christ and help them to be servant of God.

We would like to care boys and girls both in our children home.  But we would like to give fist priorities to girl orphans because of girls are  not safe in Nepal.  There are bad people in society of Nepal; they are selling thousands of girls from Nepal in brothel in India.  Also some  people are leading such poorest team in prostitution in Nepal also.

There are many poorest orphan girls' works as house servants in cities, villages including in Kathmandu city. So, our vision and burden grown bigger and bigger to help such orphans in the Lord to give change their  life and give good future.  We want to draw them in Christ. The orphans whoever with us now they have accept the Lord Jesus after we bring them to shelters and care them in our children home. So, we want to bring such orphans in Christ.

We are praying for the kind sponsors who can support such orphans.  Now, we are praying for this situation for God's wisdom how to lead these orphans for their good future.  We can sense that God is with us and strengthening us.  Actually, this is not my work to feed the children. It is God's work; He will provide all their needs.

Thank you very much for your kind prayers and supports to our church ministries. You may play great roles to help to the our ministries of Nepal. We heartily appreciate you for your great labour for praying for us. We hope that one day you will visit us  in Nepal than you would see all the our Godly activities in our church ministries. We are waiting to hear from you again God bless you.

 In Him,

Yours truly,

Ps. Thomas Rai
Grace Church Ministries, Nepal,
P.O.Box 8975,
EPC. 397,
Kathmandu, Nepal



                                              From Nepal

Dear Respected Brother James Woods,


We warm Greetings from our Grace Church Family of Nepal in the Name of Savior Lord Jesus Christ!

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